Since 2018, Karamah EU is a member of the NAPAR  [National Plan Against Racism] coalition and we has been very active in the coalition’s coordination in recent months.  

The NAPAR Coalition has been working on a new memorandum with recommendations against structural racism. These include recommendations on religious freedom, freedom of expression, and non-discrimination. In addition to concrete proposals, our memorandum contains cross-cutting recommendations, including methodology for developing a truly effective and impactful plan. One of them is the systematics involvement of the “concerned people” from the reflection to the implementation and evaluation of anti-racist public policies.  

The 59 civil society organizations that the NAPAR Coalition represents are working scrupulously to ensure that Belgium respects its commitment made at the Durban conference in 2001 to develop a National Action Plan against Racism [NAPAR].  

Currently, the NAPAR Coalition is preparing for the inter-ministerial conference for the development of a national action plan against racism announced by Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès.  

Feel free to view the coalition’s work online and look at the memorandum.